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Episode 01 - 10

► The moment has finally arrived! Our new series "A Bavarian Soulstory" is live. Follow our protagonist Tommy Kerns as he dives into the world of the R 18 with you. In the first episode, Tommy learns about the roots of the machine and uncovers a well-hidden secret.

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 1: The roots of the R 18

► The time for waiting is over! Episode 2 of our series "A Bavarian Soulstory“ is live. Follow Tommy Kerns as he travels to the Pure & Crafted Festival in Amsterdam and experience with him the premiere of our new Heritage collection. Of course, Tommy is also trying to find out more about the production bike of the Concept R 18.

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 2: Tommy at the Pure & Crafted Festival

► We're back with the third episode of 'A Bavarian Soulstory'. This time, Tommy Kerns visits the Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama, USA with Edgar Heinrich and Roland Stocker. There he will meet both our Concept R 18 and numerous legends such as Peter Nettesheim or Nate Kern.

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 3: Kids in a candy store

► In the fourth episode of A Bavarian Soulstory, join Tommy Kerns in Milan as he visits the EICMA for the first time. Together with Edgar Heinrich, he meets Justin Benson, who was previously the only person permitted to ride the new Concept R 18 /2.

A Bavarian Soulstory Episode 4 EICMA

► In the fifth episode of A Bavarian Soulstory Tommy visits the Nettesheim Museum in Huntington, Long Island. Together with Roland he takes a look at the incredible bike collection of Peter.

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 5: Tommy at the Nettesheim Museum

► This episode of #ABavarianSoulstory is all about the heart of the BMW R 18: the boxer engine. Tommy will take you to the Bavarian countryside as well as to the top secret area of BMW Motorrad - the Dyno Room, where the R 18 motor receives its fine tuning. The essence: the engine is innovative, performing and a mechanical sculpture. See for yourself!

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 6: Boxer Engine

► Another dream comes true for Tommy: he visits the BMW Motorrad Design Studio in Munich and meets numerous designers who helped develop the R 18, as well as Edgar Heinrich himself, of course. Tommy learns, from his exciting conversations there, how the design of the R 18 came to be. Join in and get some insider knowledge

A Bavarian Soulstory - Episode 7: The design process of the R 18